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      Jingdezhen Jiajia Ceramic Co., Ltd. founded in 2005, locals in the city Jingdezhen,the origin of ceramics.As ceramic manufacturer of 100% Japanese capital,we focus on producing high quality daily use ceramic products,using high quality raw materials and Japanese technology.Monthly update more than 100 kinds of items,50% for sales promoation,30% for department store,20% for restaurant. We do 100% for Japanese markets before,We want to try to open up our factory to other markets .All kinds of item can be made in our factory, use roller forming,hollow casting ,high pressure grouting to produce regular items and irregular items.Our main products are newbone which is oxidation ceramic,and we also make the reduction products.

      Our head office is in Yokohama Japan mainly for Japanese market,and we also have seted sales department office in Shanghai for EU/US and domestic markets.Welcome to vist our factory and do business with us ,we will feedback good service and high quality products for you.

      About The Factory

      Established: 2005

      Capital: 240 million JPY(about 2.15million USD)

      Employees: 200

      Monthly output: an average of 600,000 units

      Production line:

                               Full Automatic forming: 2 lines

                               Semi Automatic forming: 6 lines

                               High pressure grouting: 6 lines

                               Hollow casting: 4 lines

                               52M biscuitfiring tunnel kiln: 1

                               52M glostfiring tunnel kiln: 1

                               40M decorationfiring roller kiln: 1

                               8M3 Shuttle kiln : 2

      Packing room: enclosed dust-free 500M3

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